2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee wk2 BUILD

Its simple really.  This is OEM+.  This is what I believe Jeep should offer as an available package, for the enthusiast.  Not everyone wants a Wrangler.  I wanted a great looking, nice driving, SUV...that was extremely capable off-road.  Well, here it is.  In its stock form, a GC is plenty capable...however, it can always be better.  This is no mall crawler.  I use my Jeep on the trails, in the hills, through rivers and anywhere else I want to go.  I explore, and enjoy the vastly different landscapes Arizona has to offer. 

This build is going to consist of oversize wheels and tires, a lifted suspension, a bit of extra power via intake and exhaust work, and some body and under-body armor protection.  There will be other functional use parts added like a roof top cargo rack, hitch mounted bike carrier, additional lighting and more.  Stay tuned, I'm not sure what else is happening just yet...



First, I would like to take a minute to acknowledge and thank Chief Products.  The amazing group of guys there believe in my vision and build.  While I may not seem the most likely candidate for their trust & support, I was lucky enough to receive it.  I am anxiously excited to share with the world some amazing new products coming from them, and to show their commitment to the wk2 aftermarket.  Great things are about to happen!

I have some really great sponsors on board for this project. Companies who share a like minded end result for the Jeep.  Some of these companies I have worked with in the past on other projects.  Others are new ones that I found through positive online reviews.  It is my intention to bring attention to them, but I also owe it to the Jeep and wk2 community to provide accurate and honest reviews on the products.  If I am unable to do that, I will be returning the parts with an apology to the company and I will move forward.  So far so good though, and I am extremely pleased with all of the modifications that are happening.

A majority of this build is being done for SEMA 2016, however I have no intention of stopping the build after that.  Id love to get some magazine coverage for it, encourage more companies to build parts for us enthusiasts. And, to be honest...I always have to switch things up.  I need to mod, and re-mod.  Its a bit of insanity really. Please visit the sponsor pages and links and take a look at the products I installed more in depth.