Nitto Ridge Grapplers

Bigger tires added!  Nitto Ridge Grapplers.  Some of you may be disappointed I didnt go full tilt here, as my intention was to be on 35s.  Would it have worked?  Yes.  Would I have dropped many thousands of $ doing so...yes.  So I looked at 34s, and it was a good fitment with my lift.  However...the gearing was off and it just didnt work for me.  This build is about function...not just form.  So, I ended up on a hugely meaty 305/55-20.  It is a 33.25" tire, with a footprint larger than 12.5".  Its unreal.  For such an aggressive tread, its super quiet.  Its actually the quietest AT type tire ive ever been around.  Ride quality is fantastic.  I cant wait to get em offroad and update this post asap!!