Ripp Supercharger

Boost!  We have lift-off.  Wk2Project has partnered up with the guys at and installed their Vortech v3 based Ripp Supercharger kit to the Pentastar v6 of this beast.  It certainly now breathes fire.  Right out of the box, you can tell that RIPP really put in the effort thats needed to have a safe and reliable tune that make incredible power.  The best part of it all, was the driveability.  Hours of data logging in real world driving made this kit feel like its supposed to be a part of the Jeep.  Of course, I plan to Dyno-tune and tweak it...but even if I didnt I would be ecstatic about it just as is.  Who woulda thought a lifted, big tire v6 would be huntin SRTs?!