Atturo TrailBlade XT 33x12.50-20 installed

The perfect addition!  33x12.50-20 of extreme terrain goodness. 

My goal with my GC build was to give the vehicle an OEM+ feel.  By no means do I want to be a Wrangler.  The GC is a luxury, off-road capable vehicle.  I am making it look more the part, without compromising its luxury or quality.  This tire was a perfect fit. This particular tire size upgrade will not work on stock, but it looks great on a lifted GC.  On road manners are great, with only a mild amount of extra road noise.  Highway travel, cornering and braking all seem to be the same to me so far.  Only a slight bump in weight (which I take off later with lighter wheels). 

Off-road grip is amazing.  They've done well so far in loose deep sand, dirt and over a variety of rocks.  The footprint is great when aired down and I have yet to find an obstacle it couldn't dig its teeth in to.   I'm really enjoying the look and functionality as well of the sidewall tread design.  Gives you a little more bumper as well to avoid damage.

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