Black Rhino Mozambique wheels installed

GORGEOUS!  Now, here is where my car-geek takes over.  Again, this is no Wrangler build.  Its a beautiful, capable Grand Cherokee.  I added some weight by doing a beefier, larger tire.  The hunt began for the perfect wheel.  Black Rhino (by TSW) has a few wheels in their truck/SUV lineup that are "rotary forged".  This process makes an extremely strong wheel, also extremely light.  This 20x8.5 weighed in at only 37lbs.  A significant savings over the OEM 20s.  Beyond that, the lines on this wheel are beautiful and theres something to be said about having "7" Spokes on the project.  Look familiar?   O[][][][][][][]O

The fitment on the Jeep is again, right on the money.  Its more aggressive than stock to fill up the wheel wells a bit.  It fits the oversize tire like a glove, and overall improves the stance and the functionality of the GC.