Magnaflow Catback Install

Magnaflow Catback #19216 installed on my 2015 Grand Cherokee v6 Altitude edition. This is the bad ass black version. Looks great! Sound is exactly what I wanted. More than stock, with a slight grumble at start up but a nice easy idle. Around town, you know its there but it isnt in your face. Once you get on the happy pedal, it releases its bark...but its still calm. No rasp, no drone, no trumpeting. Just a nice clean, deep-ish tone that never gets high pitched or annoying. Its appropriate for a v6 sound, especially if you arent trying (and failing) to sound like a v8. Im lovin it.

Install was smooth as silk, all parts fit together perfectly and tucked nicely up. I will likely weld it up later, but the clamps do a good job and everything is sealed tight. very good fit and finish on everything and im absolutely loving the tips.

Did I mention it weighs at least 20-25lbs less than stock?? Sweet.