JBA Upper Control Arms

I was extremely excited to replace the factory control arms.  I'll admit, originally I felt the OEM UCAs were just fine.  Truth be told, they were.  They did the job, they handled the lift and the offroading I was doing (not sure for how long), but they indeed did hold up.  However, I knew that there were many WK2'ers that were on the fence about replacing and I knew I had planned to go further with my build anyway so I decided to install a set of these. 

First of all, the level of quality and attention to detail on these JBA UCAs is top notch.  The serviceable/replaceable Moog Ball joint is a must have for any enthusiast.  I was also pleasently surprised that when I lifted my wk2 to WELL past spec, I was still able to align it perfectly.  I also gained additional suspension droop, which is obviously much needed and appreciated in a IFS setup.

Watch out for some new JBA products coming to the build very soon!