WK2 Nudge Bar

Chief Products

Nudge bar, Recovery Hooks, Front Sump Skid, Transmission skid. First and foremost, Chiefs customer service and shipping were fantastic. It certainly didn't hurt that they offer a US customer discount to help cover costs of shipping from Australia, until they open their US Distribution center in Summer of 2016.

  • The shipping packaging was incredible. Seems like something you wouldn't care about, but when you open your goodies....you'll be happy with their attn to detail. (pic attached).
  • Online instructions were perfect and got me through the basic installs without a problem.
  • The parts themselves are clearly high quality. Opting for the heavy duty stuff was a great choice as Ive really been rough on them thus far. The protection spacers that go around the bolts is an incredible idea and a very cool look.

**Looking fwd to their US Distribution center opening!! Seems like lots of exciting parts in the works.

TRAIL BLADE XT 33X12.50-20


Atturo Trailblade XT 6month review: So, Ive logged around 6000 miles on these so far. At least 200-300 offroad in mixed conditions. Mostly Arizona desert and mountain where they have been performing flawlessly. I even had a chance to drive up to Flagstaff last month on a day where they got 30+" of snow and really had a blast with the tires and was impressed to say the least. Road noise is acceptable for daily use. Ive had a BFG Mud tire before, way loud. These are on par with similar and less aggressive AT tires i've had. Slight low speed hum, but very acceptable at speed/highway/etc. Aired up properly for the road, they are wearing evenly and still provide a good feel while cornering even though much larger than stock 265/50-20 vs 33x12.50-20. Based on tread wear after my 1st rotation of them, I expect them to easily be 35,000+ mile tires. Would be more, but I do tear in to em quite a bit in the mountains. I get compliments and questions all the time, based on how beautiful/aggressive the tread and sidewall are.